Thursday, July 28, 2011

                            It's My Birthday!!!

All of my FABulous Scrappy Friends!!
Party Favors I made for all my Scrappy girlfriends!

Who can party without Chocolate!

They got to pick their own!

Flower, Bird and Butterflies Oh My!

Ribbons and Feathers too!

I had such a wonderful birthday party at our local Scrapbook Store Memories by design your scrapbook boutique! .
I was showered with love and affection!  It was a BLAST!  We laughed (so hard to some of us got a nose bleed!), we ate the most delicious Birthday Cake and enjoyed the best Coffee Punch ever! The Best part was my scrappy friends...I wonder did we get anything done????  Marcia the store owner indulged us with a sale table and a never ending we could scrap and shop til' we dropped! 

The party favors were a pleasure to make and can be made to suit any event!
Well, that's a little scrappy fun news.  Hope you enjoy the project. If you want to know the recipe for the party favor just leave me a comment with your email address and I will send it to ya!  Have a crafty day!


Tiffany Temple said...

SonJa, I had such a GREAT time! You are being quite had LOTS of fun favors for us and your friends surprised you with all all types of treats and festive decorations. I loved the chili cheese dip! Most of all, I enjoyed loving on YOU with other women blessed to have you as a friend. You are a treasure! I STILL have my waterbottle!

agriffith said...

So exciting to see how the Lord is always at work around this particular case putting together a group of women to laugh and scrap and love Him. And all starting with your birthday bash! You know there is no such thing as coincidence; God has plans and purposes for us indivuidually and together. Maybe down the road some sort of ministry opportunity, who knows?