Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This is the LYFE!!!

Greetings - this is the day the Lord has made....I will be glad in it!!! On it!!! through it!!! With it!!! you get it!! Right???  Well, anyhoo....  I wanted to share with you about life's simple pleasures!!  There are many things going on around us, so many challenges, so many things to get done.  We have school, band practice, performances, husbands, bills etc.  The only thing that keeps me sane is the Lord God Almighty! 

NOW on to the story.....We went out on the town with our friends Michael and LaKesha...and by the way we partied all night long at I-HOP drinking all their coffee and laughing..this was actually the second or third stop of the night!!!  My husband and I had not been out on a date and seen 2:30am in over 6 years!!! WOW!!

Well .. we left some very precious cargo at home.  Austyn (teenager) and our Schnauzer LYFE... Austyn called us every hour on the hour to see if we were ok and Lyfe his fearless companion was right by his side!!  Lyfe is the keeper of the house, the backup alarm system, the I got your back Austyn, if anything happens I will bite them on the butt!!! LOL......  They were awake when we got home saying "it's about time y'all come home, do y'all know what time it is"?  (Simple Pleasure)

(I took the opportunity to tell Austyn that this is how we would feel but double the worry if he was out late cause he is younger and not OLD ( had to throw that in to make a point) like us...he.. he..he..  Just to remember when that time comes to be responsible.)

The next morning this is what I looked down and saw!!!  This simple pleasure!!!

                              Lyfe either partied all night too or worked the late shift! LOL

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